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    When you think of business owners and entrepreneurs, do you often assume that in order to be successful, you have to be an Extrovert (E)?

    You know, the idea that it takes a lot of time and energy to start a business of your own and you really need to be able to put yourself out there.

    And “Introverts” (I) aren’t naturally drawn to this, so there’s no way you could be an entrepreneur or small business owner if you are in fact, gulp, an Introvert…? 

    (This is the part of the movie where the scary, doomsday music would start to play….)

    But wait…hold on…before you turn your computer back in and shut down the office, keep reading…especially if you, yourself, are an Introvert…rest assured…all is not lost.

    I’m here to tell you that Introverts also make very successful entrepreneurs.


    Although putting yourself “out there”, promoting yourself or your business, along with networking does burn up more energy for Introverts, there are lots of incredible traits they also bring to the table to balance things out.

    For example, Introverts (I) are great at reflecting and being intentional about their efforts. They know everything they are doing for their business has a purpose and are highly committed and focused on their ideas.

    This is also true for other preferences within the Myers-Briggs Personality tool too.

    Those with a “Sensing” (S) preference are adept at paying attention to the nitty gritty details of plans and projects. They are excellent at routines and systems and carrying out the myriad of details required to run a business.

    Intuitives (N), those with a preference for Intuitive learning, are able to easily see the bigger picture and are often quite innovative. These are the “out of the box” thinkers, the visionaries, the “big idea” people.

    Some businesses need fine details sorted out to be successful, other businesses need innovation and a holistic approach. Both of these MBTI type preferences bring unique strengths to the table that will benefit their business.

    Thinkers (T), those with a preference for a more logical decision making style, are practical and down to Earth. Thinkers are great at applying logic and analysis to the task at hand. They are incredible at analyzing information and applying it to the bottom line.

    Feelers (F), those with a preference for a more value-centered decision making style, thrive off of relationships and make excellent ambassadors of a brand.

    Feelers can establish great professional relationships for their business and are naturals when it comes to developing meaningful connections within teams as well as the customer base.


    As you can see, every personality type has the potential to be a successful business owner or entrepreneur. It really all comes down to knowing who you are and how you tick.

    Once you unlock these insights into who you are and your strengths as well as areas of growth, it’s easy to create a specific and effective plan for both your team as well as your overall mission, that includes growing your team with the “rite type” of people doing the “rite type” of work.

    Personality type is not about pigeon-holing you, or putting you in a box and predicting how you are going to act or succeed in your future.

    As human beings, we are dynamic and no one “paper and pencil” test is going to adequately capture all of who you are. That said, learning about  your Myers-Briggs Type is an excellent jumping off place to learn more about who you are and what you need to thrive and be a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

    It’s like acquiring your own personal “guide book” for your success. Priceless, huh? I think so.

    Let’s chat. It’s time to grow!

    Here’s To Your Success,

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