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    Autonomy and accountability.

    These are two pretty big buzz words in the world of remote work. But there’s a reason for that! Truly, they are essential practices no matter what style of team you’re engaged in.

    In this day and age, especially with the effects of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to give people the autonomy that they need to keep themselves and their families safe by working remotely. It’s equally as important to assist those team members in getting the job done through creating effective accountability.

    We all benefit from knowing when we are on the right track and when we are not. Don’t you agree?


    However, difficulties with this balance often arise because of the way someone implements either one of these practices. (This goes back to MBTI personality types and how certain types are wired to act in the world.)

    Remember when we talked about the fact that we all see the world through our own personality filter? Well the same thing is true here.

    The balance between autonomy and accountability might appear a certain way for one personality type while looking like something completely different to another.

    There are certainly some similarities as far as temperaments go, but how people define and implement these concepts will be different because of their differing personality types.

    What is most important as a leader is learning about yourself and how you work. There’s a lot of value in understanding your own filter or view of the world. Once you understand yourself, it’s just as important to take the time to learn about your people and understand what they need to thrive in their work environment as well.


    You might have noticed by now that leadership, management, and business ownership all carry a common theme…

    You need to take the time to get to know yourself. It’s a crucial step in the process of discovering a deeper understanding of your team as a whole.

    By doing so, you’ll begin to meet others in a more successful, satisfying way. You’ll be able to give people the autonomy they need to thrive while also holding them accountable in an effective way.

    Collaborating as a team to know what people need to be at their very best will create an environment where communication is easier and people feel more understood.

    Let’s schedule a time to talk today to figure out just what your team’s personality types need in terms of autonomy and accountability.

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