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    Have you ever finished a big project and had every single person on your team just feel burned out and unmotivated to tackle the next task?

    I know I’ve been there.

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    While it’s important to keep things moving in your business, sometimes it can feel like starting the next task would be like running uphill with a backpack full of rocks.

    So how do you motivate your team when you’re feeling a little bit of collective burnout?

    Sometimes as business owners, we get a little bit of tunnel vision, and we go a mile a minute, forgetting that not everyone is on the same page. It’s important to recognize that what motivates you may not seem motivating to everyone else.

    What I have found to be the most effective way to approach this is to motivate each team member according to their unique MBTI preferences.

    The secret to success is that it all starts with people. An effective approach to motivation is not a “one size fits all”.

    If you’d like to learn more about motivating each personality type based on their individual preferences, check out my video: Motivation & Personality Type: How to Keep Moving For Life!


    If you have a team full of INFPs, you will have to motivate them differently than a team full of ESTJs.

    For example, INFPs are highly imaginative, and live in such a rich inner world. However, sometimes they live so much in their inner worlds that it can be difficult to transfer that energy into external motivation. Sometimes they get stuck bringing their inside ideas outside.

    So, some of the best ways to motivate an INFP would be to give them the opportunity to emulate someone that they enjoy being around and respect. Also, giving them plenty of time alone to regroup as well as a lot of flexibility in their schedules that allows them room for change are highly motivating to an INFP.

    ESTJs, on the other hand, are constantly trying to get things done, and genuinely enjoy accomplishing tasks. However, if an ESTJ is not feeling motivated, it may be because they feel their efforts are not getting any real results or the task at hand is chaotic or inefficiently presented.

    So, the best way to motivate an ESTJ team member would be to be clear about what is expected of them. Help them get started, but don’t overwhelm them with too much information at one time.

    Also, because they have an Extroverted preference, they need stimulation and interaction with people to be productive. Create an environment that allows for this and you’ll get an ESTJ to thrive!


    Collective burnout is something that affects every organization.

    As a business owner and leader, it is especially effective when you notice that members on your team are feeling burnt out, causing the entire team to just feel generally unproductive.

    Have conversations, find out what’s going on and then get everyone back on track by using motivational techniques that best fit their personality preferences.

    Raising your bottom line all starts with people.

    Here’s To Your Success,

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