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    Delegation is a difficult subject for business owners and can often be much harder than it sounds.

    What makes delegating so hard for leaders?

    Sometimes, it might have to do with your particular personality type. Certain types are intrinsically better at delegating than others.

    This does not mean certain types can’t delegate. Certain traits are just going to be more naturally apt to it.

    Thinkers biggest criteria for success is if the work got done. It does not matter how many bodies they leave along the way.

    On the other hand, Feelers are very aware of other people’s feelings, but try to get everybody’s needs met while getting work done.

    Feelers might get more hung up on delegating because they are trying to balance the needs of their teams along with the tasks that need to be done. Thinkers are more focused on the bottom line.

    When we look at it from a type perspective, some types are more naturally inclined to delegate.


    If you have taken anything away from learning about personality types, it should be that you cannot pigeonhole each type. Feelers can delegate and Thinkers have the ability to take others into account while working.

    We all want to be the best managers we can be, and with that comes the ability to delegate to your team or employees.

    If you find delegation difficult, let’s schedule a time to talk about how you can grow this part of you while deepening your understanding of yourself and how you tick.

    It might not be as hard as you think.

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