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    Have you ever considered how your Myers-Briggs Type might play a role in how you work? Maybe even how well you work with others?

    Often, businesses have their employees take personality tests such as the MBTI, for a variety of reasons.

    Wanna know why?

    It helps employers learn about your work style and preferences, you know, how you were “made to tick”.

    What’s cool about this is that employers are to able match a potential job candidate, or an existing employee with a job or a task that best fits their working style, all thanks to MBTI.

    So what does this have to do with wondering if some types are “better” employees? (Whatever “better” means, right…?)


    Well, the truth is, is that all types can be effective team members, much of this depends on the tasks and environment that these types thrive in.

    Remember a couple emails back when I mentioned matching the “rite” person with the “rite” task? Well, that applies to your type.

    There are sooooo many things you can learn about yourself or your employees (partners and kids too) just based on your MBTI type alone!!!!

    Things like what your work style is, what type of work is going to “fire you up” as well as what work environment suits you best: these are all incredibly valuable pieces of support that will help you grow into being and incredible employee and team member!

    For example, Introverts (I) prefer physical space which allows for privacy and concentration.

    Judging (J) types bring structure (checklist, model, etc.) to the task at hand.

    Feeling (F) types have to have interactions that both encompass work and non-work matters. Relationships are important and motivating to them.

    And Introverts (N) need to have flexibility and autonomy in the workplace in order to thrive. That’s why remote work is making some people very happy these day!


    Bottom line is that knowing your MBTI and how that affects how you work and your relationships can set yourself apart as an employee.

    The best employee of all, is an aware employee.

    You can really get ahead of the game by knowing and understanding how your type plays a role in not only your personality, but how you work.

    A certain type is a no better employee than another type. It is all about knowing what work style suits you best and allows you to THRIVE!

    As for entrepreneurs managing a team, or team leaders and managers, knowing your employees personality types and assigning the right task to the right person can overall boost employee morale and productivity in the workplace.

    If you’d like to chat more and learn how your personality type impacts the way you work and want to make yourself the most effective employee you can be? Let’s talk!

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