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    Have you ever noticed that while most people consider bragging a “no-no”, that there is still stigma attached to even quieter forms of self-promotion?

    It’s true.

    And somehow you’re still supposed to know how to effectively self-promote, while walking this tight line without sounding like you’re bragging.

    It can be really boring to listen to other people talk about themselves and the last thing you want to do is be considered boring or braggadocious.


    But if you don’t talk about your accomplishments, you’re gonna have to rely on others to do so for you.

    Which can leave you feeling powerless and disappointed, not to mention invisible.

    Sometimes it really does feel almost impossible to be authentic and engaging while still promoting yourself.

    While it’s super important for others to recognize your gifts and contributions, first they need to see your value and know what you’re up to.

    Which can feel incredibly challenging to an introvert.


    I want to clear up some myths about self-promotion….

    First of all, it is absolutely possible for you to be a nice person, be authentic and still promote yourself.

    It’s also possible to promote yourself without bragging OR begging.

    You can also do so without stretching the truth, talking someone else’s ear off or pushing.

    You don’t have to be self-centered to be good at self-promotion.

    And you also don’t have to be an extrovert to do it well. Instead, you can learn how to let your quiet strengths shine through and do it your own way.

    And that’s what I am here to help you do: help you find your own way to effectively share your gifts with the world.

    The world needs you and what you have to offer. I promise.

    If you’d like to chat more about this and how I can help, let’s talk.

    I am grateful that you are a part of my community and I am here to support you however I can.

    Stay safe and be well.

    In Healing,

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