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    One method that I am excited to share with you for mental support and self care is journaling, Visual Journaling to be exact. From my years in practices, journaling has been one consistent method for self introspection.

    Journaling is very intimate, very personal, and helps you retreating from your thoughts. So without further ado, for those interested, join our Visual Journaling Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence community

    I build this community with the vision to be a safe and supportive platform for everyone to explore and learn deeply about their own emotional intelligence, which we will often refer to as “spirit” or “soul”.

    The Soul’s knowledge is like an eternal guidance or GPS system, designed to lead us through life and beyond, always pointing us in the direction of satisfaction and away from dissatisfying experiences and things. It is the source of our deepest wisdom and emotional knowing. So much of our journey will involve reconnecting and building doors through the wall that is blocking our guidance system.

    Because we are so conditioned throughout our life to ignore the soul’s channel of communication– our feelings and emotions — that these important messages and wisdom goes unheard. In this community, I encourage you to challenge yourself with realness and compassion at all times; this is all about you and you are in charge of how much you share both on the group discussion board as well as with your friends and family, the people in your life.

    Confidentiality, a trust of privacy or secrecy of communication and information, is special in a group setting in that it is the shared responsibility of all group members and leaders.

    But I don’t like writing in a journal.

    You don’t have to write if that is not your preferred medium. Take it from me, I used drawing, painting, sketching, recording, for my medium. One of the member of the group even video journal because that is what they choose to do, it is a medium that motivates them.

    What if I have a mental block?

    This is definitely one of the reason of the community. I create prompt for almost every day to spark your journaling ideas. And if you have concerns or questions, I and the community will be in the group to support you. Remember, you are not alone in your journey if you need someone.

    What if you have an emergency and cannot be reached?

    We have that cases in our lives. Unpredictable events and I have thought about that when I decided to create a safe and supportive community. My trusted moderator will be in the community as my helping hand and extra support. I can’t create a community by myself after all.

    Do I have to share my entries?

    Nobody is forcing you to do anything other than if you compelled to. I create the group for everyone to find someone who been there or is currently in the same if not similar situation. You follow your path together with the community if you choose to do so.

    Where is it again?

    Below is the image for the community. The only thing I will be asking you is to answer the three questions when you request to join. It is to help me create a better support for your journaling journey.

    ​See you there!

    ~ Kate ~

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