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    This is a therapeutic group for individuals who are interested in starting deep emotional healing therapy based on Body Centered Gestalt Therapy and inner child work practices. Many individuals in this group setting are seeking healing and recovery from disruptive or destructive patterns in their lives. They may not be able to afford individual therapy, or prefer to heal in a group setting. Although 1 on 1 therapy is recommend to bring about the most expedient, fundamental, and lasting changes in one’s life, this group will provide an opportunity to begin the process of recovering from unhealthy coping techniques and patterns. If interested, please reach out to Kate today.


    WHAT: Twice a month, therapeutic pods small group therapy (Bimonthly, 2x/month)

    WHERE: Virtual, online; The therapeutic pods small groups will meet virtually, via the ZOOM video conferencing platform

    WHEN: 1st and 3rd weeks or or 2nd and 4th weeks of the month, depending on group assignment. All meeting times are Central Standard Time.


    There are many benefits to small group therapeutic work as a supplement to individual therapy:

    • For example, groups provide support and instill hope. Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone in having challenges, whether you’re grappling with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. This instillation of hope and universality alone is often enough to create an experience of relief.
    • Groups provide an immediate sounding board, allowing you to receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment from others who might not see things the way that you do. It helps us gain perspective and solutions to our problems and can be very powerful. The more range of perspectives you have on your situation, the changes are that you’ll be able to deal with your problems better.
    • Groups can help you move forward in your life, especially if you’re feeling stuck. Hearing from others about problems that they have and how they’ve resolved these issues often propels growth; people often challenge their comfort zones more and grow faster when they see what others are doing and feel the support in the group.
    • Groups provide you with a corrective experience of your “primary family” group. Groups not only help you ease the sense of isolation you might be feeling in your life, they also give you an opportunity to re-experience belonging to a group in which you are valued for your unique experiences and self.
    • Groups promote social skills, impart information and help you learn socializing techniques all within the confines of a safe and therapeutically supported environment.
    • Groups are an experience of a social microcosm. In the group setting you get immediate feedback about how you interact with others as well as yourself. Groups provide an opportunity to immediately experience trying new things and getting safe and helpful feedback.
    • Groups also provide opportunities for modeling and learning imitative behaviors. By watching and listening to others grow and process their lives, groups often provide you with learning examples for some of your greatest struggles.
    • Group therapy costs less than individual counseling. Group therapy also provides you with a built-in support group that you can turn to outside of sessions for continued contact and support. Some people believe that because group therapy costs less that it is less effective, which is not the case at all. Group therapy is an incredibly powerful experience in and of itself.
    • Group work teaches you about yourself. Every other group member holds up a mirror and you get to see yourself through their eyes. It is a way to uncover blind spots that might be blocking you in your growth process and life.

    HOWContact Kate to enroll in your therapeutic pod small group experience. The program will include 12 (twelve) group sessions over a period of 6 months and groups will be no larger than 4 members per group.

    Space is limited, all groups will be limited to 4-6 members. Group members will be required to contract for a 6-month program, after which they can re-enroll if they would like to.

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