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    These days it seems like the week days and weekends are just blurring together.

    Remember way back when, we used to be able to take a spontaneous trip if we wanted to…?


    For me, one of the hardest parts of the pandemic situation is that you can’t really plan very far into the future because well, we don’t know what the future will be like. So, it’s sometimes hard to find things to look forward to in the same way that it used to be.

    I mean, geez…the past 7 months have kind of blended together.


    I have a few tips to make your weeks exciting again and feel a tiny bit of “normal”.

    • If you’re working from home, make a dedicated office space. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an entire set up, but ideally have at least a flat surface and comfortable chair to do work on. And ideally, put that space as far away from your bedroom as possible.
    • Following tip #1… once you have that space established, do your work there, and then when you are done working, get out of there. Do not go back into that room or that area and check an email, don’t watch videos in that area, don’t spend time there that isn’t directly related to work.
    • Make a fun ritual during the week or weekend! Maybe every Monday morning you start your day with a coffee and a nice morning walk. Or, every Saturday afternoon you take the dogs on a walk and wind down with your favorite movie. Whatever it may be, make it a part of your routine. Breaks are essential to your emotional and mental health!


    • Remember to connect with others as much as possible! Even though many events are virtual, they are still happening! You can do a virtual wine tasting, virtual painting class, virtual yoga class, the list goes on and on. I know, it’s not the same. But it’s the safest way to do things right now and incorporating these fun activities will help add variety to your weeks.
    • Don’t just practice self-care, stick to it. It can be so easy to sit in your work chair and just work all day, and then realize you haven’t eaten or drank water all day, or even stretched! Make a conscious effort to take care of both your mind and your body and stick with it.

    Hopefully these tips will help make the days seem more “normal” and not blend into each other so easily. And you don’t have to make big life changes all at once! Even introducing just one good habit, and slowly introducing more, will make a world of a difference.

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