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    Do you remember that song by the Bangles…?

    It was one of my favorites… I can remember being in high school and riding along with my friends, car windows rolled down… belting this out at the top of my lungs…

    Oh, the good ‘old days.

    Back before a pandemic. Way, way, way back before social-distancing and sheltering-in-place became the new normal.

    I woke up thinking about it being a Monday and wondering how people have been feeling about work these days, especially last night.

    What I am talking about specifically are the “Sunday blues”…

    You know, that feeling in the pit of your stomach when Sunday afternoon rolls around and you start remembering that you gotta go back to work tomorrow.

    And I started wondering if people are still feeling the “Sunday Blues” these days or if it feels different now that we are all working from home.

    I would imagine that it has to feel a little bit different, but maybe it doesn’t.

    I mean, thinking about waking up and being able to work from home, um, certainly lends a different light on the whole work thing. Right?

    I have for a very, very long time been thinking about our, our whole work paradigm here in the United States.  I constantly hear that one of the biggest struggles for many people is finding a satisfying work-life balance.

    Especially if the work they’re doing doesn’t feel meaningful or they don’t have the freedom or the flexibility that they need in their careers to be able to juggle work and life.

    Our work paradigm right now, at least here in the United States, is very much geared towards a certain kind of worker, right?

    There’s not a lot of flexibility and autonomy and for some people, that’s ok, they actually thrive in that kind of structure. These folks generally are “Sensors” on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

    For them, routine, consistency, step-by-step procedures are their wheel house, their “sweet spot”. They are highly productive in this kind of setting.

    However, for many other people, they need to have more freedom to be able to work when they’re motivated and take a break when they’re not. They need more variety and autonomy. They’re big picture thinkers.

    And by being able to have that kind of freedom and that kind of flexibility, they actually end up far more productive than if they have to sit at their desk or their workspace and grind it out for eight hours a day.

    We call these kinds of people “Intuitives” on the MBTI Personality Typology.

    ​So I’m fascinated to see, now that we’ve all been forced to work from home,  how this new “working virtually” experience might impact our work paradigm in the long run.

    My hope is that when all of this quarantining is over and we go back to our routines, that we also take along with us, the ability to give people a choice about how they want to work so that they are more able to easily integrate work in life.

    Because I’ll tell you what, I’m feeling a significant shift in many people’s energy right now for the better when it comes being able to work from home.

    My clinical bet is that if we were to give people more of that freedom and permission to put their lives together in a way that they can thrive, that we’ll see far less depression and anxiety and addictions and things like that too.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s called finding the “zone”.

    Whether a sensor or an intuitive, I’d love to hear how you’re doing and what it’s like for you right now working from home.

    In healing,

    ​Kate XO

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