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    As a business owner or entrepreneur, in some way, you want to leave a legacy. You want to change the world in some way and help people.

    The bottom line of all businesses is absolutely to make money. And yet my guess is that many of you are like me in that you hope to do some great work in the world.

    But how does one leave a legacy?

    That sounds like a tall order for a small business owner or entrepreneur when your focus right now might just be getting started on the right foot, or even just getting by during a pandemic.

    But even in these trying times, the secret to leaving a legacy starts with leadership.


    In the midst of a crisis, definite traits set leaders apart from the rest of the pack.

    The difference between a great leader and average leader is who the person is, what are this person’s values? What are their *soft* skills?

    These questions are sometimes overlooked when talking about business leadership.

    With this new normal of virtual life, work, collaboration, teams, business, etc., traditional leadership might just be thrown out the window.

    One thing is more true now more than ever before. Those leaders who are great leaders and set themselves apart are those people who can effectively influence and effectively empower others during times of crisis.

    Leadership in our new normal means proactively responding daily to the new challenges people on your team or employees are facing. It’s not waiting for issues to pop up. It is proactively understanding how our world is changing and all the various ways it impacts your people, families, and communities.


    Being a great leader means doing whatever it takes to protect your employees and protecting their businesses, all while being empathic in that process. So empathy is absolutely essential these days in being able to help and meet other people’s needs.

    In order to be able to see your team and your people as unique and understand their unique experiences, you first have to understand that all within yourself.
    There is absolutely no way you can be genuine and authentic, connecting with your team or employees if you don’t know how to do that for yourself.

    Being able to be there for others,  supporting others, and leading others requires introspection. It requires commitment to growing. It requires a commitment to your own mental health and your emotional world.

    What sets great leaders apart is their inclusion of empathy and compassion in all their efforts.

    This is 100% what my high performance-based program is all about. Helping you develop the type of person you are, because it all starts with you.

    Great leaders are willing to invest in themselves.

    If you want to leave a business legacy out of this crisis, it stems from leadership, which all starts with you.

    Let’s talk today about how you can show empathy and compassion as an entrepreneur or small business owner in times of crisis.

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