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    What’s the VIP 1:1 Typing Package?

    This 4+ week personality typing program is designed for us to deeply collaborate together in designing and executing on a strategy for your life that clarifies your path forward, while systematically exploring the barriers holding you back in your life and in relationships right now. My approach is about empowering you, helping you educate yourself about yourself, teaching you how to tap into and decode your deepest desires, connecting you with emotional support and guiding you on the steps for taking action to live in the ways that you envision for yourself.

    This personality typing and deep-dive discussion and analysis is offered as a stand alone service or as part of a therapy or VIP engagement. It is used to provide personalized insights and set a solid foundation for meaningful therapeutic work.

    My VIP 1:1 Typing Package is right for you if you’re ready to:

    ● Discover your unique MBTI & Enneagram typologies and how they interact both in your inside and outside worlds

    ● Grow an in-depth understanding of how you work for or against yourself and how to break the patterns that keep you blocked in your life and relationships

    ● Develop greater acceptance of your true self and learn how to connect to your heart in a consistent, regular and supportive way in all that you do

    ● Discover your hidden innate strengths and resources and explore the steps for learning how to support what fuels your growth

    ● Become more empowered to deal with the stressors in your life and uncover the steps for how to work through your stuck places

    ● Deepen your connection to yourself and others and design the life and the relationships that you crave

    ● Discover who you really are underneath the “you” that the world has shaped you to be and discuss next steps for how to live from this place consistently.

    What’s included?

    ● A private 1:1 deep dive intake session (1.0 clinical hour = 50 minutes) with me to thoroughly explore (1) where you are, (2) what is holding you back and (3) design a plan to get you where you want to be.

    ● Clinical typing and verification of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Enneagram systems of personality typologies (3 clinical hours).

    ● A private 1:1 dedicated integration session (1.0 clinical hour) with me to unpack, integrate and apply your specific typology results. This includes exploration around how your “type” intersects with behavior patterns, defense mechanisms, and traits in the real world, as well as how these tendencies show up in your life and relationships.

    ● “True type” verified type specific reports (not “tested” type).

    ● 25+ page PDF workbook summarizing results and resources to help you understand and navigate your unique, foundational tendencies and their impact in your life and relationships.

    ● Clinically supervised practice, application and typology integration homework.

    ● Access to Transformation Counseling, LLC’s clinical resources and emotional intelligence building tools, supports and worksheets related to typology.

    ● Any additional 1:1 work or company-wide work outside this scope will be outlined independently as separate service agreements..

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