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  • Therapeutic Services & Programs

    Individual Therapy

    Do you feel stuck in life? Are you having a difficult time handling your struggles in your relationships or life ?

    Group Therapy

    Do you wish you had more of a sense of community in your life, instead of feeling alone?

    Telehealth & Virtual Therapy

    We understand the need to be innovative in the ways we support clients in this age of technology.

    "The Core You" Personality Typing

    Are you ready to grow an in-depth understanding of your true self and how you work for or against yourself based upon your unique MBTI & Enneagram typologies?

    Enneagram Study Group

    This small study group is designed for exploring the powerful and rich Enneagram typology system of personality in an intimate community dedicated to deepening your awareness of the Enneagram.

    VIP Therapeutic Coaching

    This in-depth therapeutic program is designed for us to deeply collaborate together in designing and executing on a strategy for your life that clarifies your path forward, while systematically addressing the barriers holding you back in your life and relationships.

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