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    ​On the heels of 2020, and still in the midst of COVID surges amongst the unvaccinated, we all have endured a lot over the past 18 months.There’s only so much people are able to endure, before eventually you’re going to run out of emotional support inside for being able to handle any more.

    As I am writing this, it dawned on me that four months ago today, I was fully vaccinated from COVID19, including the extra two weeks after my second shot.

    In the past, this would have been such an odd thing to have put onto a calendar as a reminder, yet if we’ve learned anything over the past 18 months, it’s been anything but “normal” and we have to consider things that we would never have dreamed of two years back.

    Keeping track of vaccines, shots, quarantining, who’s been vaccinated and who has not…will this event be outside or inside… did I forget my mask… considering all these things became our new “normal”.

    COVID19 and all its trappings has consumed our minds, our bodies, our time, our energy for way too long now..

    And I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling weary of this and ready to have some fun and put energy and focus into restoring myself.

    ’m going to confess something right now about myself though, something that makes “emotional restoration” challenging sometimes for me……

    Sometimes I struggle with powering down.

    I have a hard time sometimes with doing less, with relaxing, with being easy.

    My modus operandi is to power ‘through’ most things, complete one more task, accomplish one more thing, create or develop something.

    I tend to stay pretty busy.

    My experience though, is that after eighteen months spent supporting others through a very intense emotional experience on a global scale, I’m weary.

    And I need a break.


    I used to joke that before I started this deep emotional therapy, I used to get so much more done on a daily basis. I laugh as I say that because “getting more done” is
    not necessarily a good thing.

    Fortunately, I’ve also grown enough in my own process to be able to live more embodied. Which basically means that I feel my limits more quickly. Much more quickly. And this makes it incredibly more difficult to ignore my weariness and fatigue like I used to.
    This is a good thing though because these experiences are experiences that show up to communicate that it’s time to make some changes, power down, rest for a while.

    And that’s what my goal is for this summer.

    Take some time to create more room for relaxation, restoration and fun, so that I can spend more time doing those things that feed me and fill me back up.

    It’s time to do less, so I can feel more.

    The “old” me I wouldn’t have ever considered doing this in the past. Now it’s imperative that I do.

    I am ready to give bandwidth again to, you know, things that are “fun”.

    I do hope that whatever brings you joy and fills you back up, that you make lots of room to do that over the summer..

    And that if you find yourself struggling to give yourself permission to relax and restore, well, then, I hope that you have someone you can reach out to that can help you get unstuck.

    You deserve it..

    Let’s make Summer 2021 a summer of restoration and fun!

    I’ll see you around.

    XO Kate

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