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    I don’t know about you, but these days, it’s easy to feel stretched thin. There are just so many things going on in the world, responsibilities, tasks, it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to keep up.

    And that makes me want to just unplug and take some time for myself.

    Many people feel guilty for focusing on themselves and not taking care of everyone else’s responsibilities/needs.

    Ever wonder why this happens?

    You tend to feel guilty for taking breaks if you’re burned out. And most people get burned out because there is something about being busy, too busy in fact, that actually serves an important, albeit unconscious, purpose in their lives.

    The constant feeling of stress and feeling like you can’t catch up can make you feel like there’s something you should be doing, instead of taking a break.

    And guess what this does…? It distracts you from having to feel something more uncomfortable that is requiring your attention deep down inside of you.

    It’s true. Keeping busy, especially when the busy-ness is having a deleterious effect on you is always about staying away from having to deal with some underlying issues demanding your attention.

    The work will always be there. It’s not going anywhere. Not balancing rest with work absolutely hurts you in the long run. So take breaks!!


    And how do you avoid that feeling of guilt for taking a break or taking some time off?

    Deal with your underlying issues causing you to stay so busy all the time. And since these underlying issues reside in a place where there are no words, you’re going to need some help accessing them.

    Talking about your problems is radically different than actually accessing them, dealing with them and clearing them out.

    Oh, and while I have you, taking care of your mind and body is so incredibly important during these stressful times. So here are some free resources I’ve created just for you!


    Get ahead of the upcoming flu season and download my free guided imagery, Boosting Your Immune System! It’s a powerful tool to help create safety and protection on a cellular and molecular level from any viruses, illness, or toxins. And it’s incredibly relaxing.

    Or if visual journaling is your thing, check out my free resource, Scribble Your Way to Sanity, an interactive and experiential livestream designed to help you make sense of all the emotional and mental mayhem currently going on in the world.

    Either way, take care of yourself during this time, and DO NOT feel bad about doing so.

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