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  • Virtual & Texting Therapy

    Therapy is accessible… right from your pocket!

    What is therapeutic texting?

    As a clinician, I believe that there is a therapeutic imperative to be innovative in my methods of delivering therapeutic support to clients in this powerful age of technology.

    I appreciate the delicateness of starting a new therapeutic relationship and how for some, doing so through face to face therapy might be too overwhelming and even prohibit getting the mental health support that you need. With so many technological tools at our disposal, I believe that it is essential that counselors make themselves available to clients in a wide variety of creative and therapeutic ways.

    Therapeutic support via chat and messaging is a different level of support than actual therapy/psychotherapy.

    Therapeutic chat messaging is therapeutic in nature, but psychotherapy happens when people meet face to face. Therapeutic chat messaging is not a substitute for actual therapy but does provide therapeutic benefit and support.

    For many, this is a great place to begin their mental health journey in an innovative, “out of the box” kind of way.

    I offer this monthly therapeutic chat via a HIPAA compliant platform so you never have to worry that your information will be seen or accessed by anyone else. This allows you the security of knowing that it’s safe to be  honest and authentic as you diligently work to understand yourself and your life.

    What is video counseling?

    Video counseling is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling as well as some of its own unique advantages and adapts them for delivery to clients via electronic video conferencing in order to maximize the use of technology-assisted counseling techniques.

    Video counseling has proven to be a powerfully effective way to get therapeutic results vis distance and online counseling practices. Many clients report experiencing similarly powerful results as they have gotten from their in-person therapy sessions. Along with therapeutic texting, video therapy is also a wonderful way to begin your mental health journey..

    How is online counseling different than face-to-face counseling?

    There are many differences between online and traditional counseling. Online counseling may be more convenient and effective for some clients. While tele-mental health counseling takes place in real time and does depend on “making an appointment,” traveling and related formalities do not present obstacles. The addition of therapeutic chat and messaging allows for clients to schedule either “appointments by chat” or engage in asynchronous communication as another means of mental health support.

    Here at Transformation Counseling, LLC, we recognize the role that technology can play in enhancing our ability to provide therapeutic services to those around the world and we are excited to offer a variety of innovative services.

    My aim is to help you get what you need in a way that you need.


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