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    Kate & Rosie the Therapy Dog

    “Kate’s group sessions were always focused and meaningful.  Using guided imagery and other techniques, Kate led us to greater awareness of, and compassion for, the wounded child within each of us.  Through Kate’s calm, wise, skillful guidance we opened doors to our inner selves that led to the sharing of memories and insights; tears and laughter; validation and compassion. Kate’s sessions were always worthwhile.” 

    “Kate guides a group session with ease and leadership.  I felt comfortable in sharing my experiences and stories in an effort to better understand myself.  The introduction of the idea of an “inner child” was something new to me.  I liked the guided imagery Kate practiced in our group allowing each of us to experience our inner child in a way that was peaceful and natural to each of us on an individual basis. Kate provided a safe and peaceful place to allow me to go into myself and feel better connected to my heart.  She is a thoughtful and knowledgeable counselor with a gentle touch.”

    “I worked with three other therapists prior to Kate, and though each had some benefit, Kate is the only one who has utilized the unique training and skills that have enabled me to tap into and release many of the truly deep, painful feelings locked away since my childhood. Our sessions are always focused and meaningful and include guided activities that help expedite growth and healing of the wounded child within me.Though I still have work to do, I trust that Kate’s compassionate, committed guidance is leading me to deeper healing, to fuller living, to the freedom to embrace and  love the real me I was meant to be.

    “Kate speaks the language of success in a way that is accessible and practical. Everyone could benefit from her facilitation in the growth process. I would know because I am someone who has gone from feeling very stuck and small into a place of big living and abundance.”

    “Working with Kate has allowed me to explore places that I was kind of familiar with but didn’t realize until then how out of touch I was with my inner child and life purpose. Now my life feels totally different than before.”

    “Kate’s work sparked a conversation between my right/left brain and my head/heart as she wove information with real-time experiences. Kate’s approach is deep and integrative and those ready to plunge below the exterior of things will not be disappointed. You will get far more out of this course than what you pay for.”

    “Kate was engaging and truly enjoyed sharing her knowledge with the group. She created a comfortable and safe environment for open discussion and group participation, and the course content and quality was excellent. I learned a lot about myself and why I relate to others’ as I do, and I like that the information shared was researched based and also full of personal and relevant examples that were easy to understand and see in life. I left her training with a clear understanding of how the Enneagram works as a part of our protective structure- this was eye opening! I also really liked how Kate delivered the information and could tell that she has a genuine interest and passion for helping others.”

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