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    This is one of my most favorite topics to talk about.

    I think that it happens a lot more than people realize. Typically what I like to say is that when we get stuck, there’s always an important reason for that.

    Usually when I need more information about something, or if I find a new topic I am interested in, when in doubt, I Google it.

    Having this immediate access to vast amounts of data and information all by the simple press of a button is a huge, huge advantage that business leaders and entrepreneurs did not have before us at the same time.

    However, having too much information can be incredibly overwhelming and even really counterproductive when it comes to making decisions as a business owner and entrepreneur.


    One of the most powerful responsibilities of a business owner is to make decisions and we’re making them all day long, right? Big ones, small ones, it’s our job.

    Getting lost in analysis paralysis is a common way that business owners get bogged down when it comes to decision making and in all the things that it takes to move that business forward.

    And a big part of this is because of all the information immediately available at our fingertips.

    It’s really easy to get lost and ultimately buried underneath piles of information that in the beginning you thought were helpful and likely was, but only ends up clouding your ability to make those decisions.

    It ultimately decreases the ability to really focus on anything else and get anything else done. Especially if we’re holding ourselves to an incredibly high standard.

    High achievers tend to do that.

    We fall victim to this idea that we’re supposed to make the right decision and know how to pull it off perfectly and get the biggest return on our investment and not make mistakes.

    This is usually where analysis paralysis starts to happen for people. It’s about pressure.

    It’s about something that’s happening inside of a person who is trying to make a decision based on the facts, based on the resources that they have and yet getting stuck between an alternative choice that might be equally effective.

    Analysis paralysis is really about a conflict inside. It’s a conflict of what you think you want and what somebody else is telling you works.


    You know, when someone gets stuck in analysis paralysis, it’s because of something much deeper than the outside world.

    What I find interesting is that many, many coaching programs and gurus, tout a more behavioral approach, emphasizing the necessity of implementing a different strategy or behavior program, or having an accountability buddy that can keep you on track.

    Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these strategies, the problem is that if we don’t deal with the deeper underlying issues related to the inability to make a choice and move forward, then these short-term strategic changes are eventually going to fall apart.

    I tend to drift towards that deeper, sustainable change that ensures we’re going to get the most bang for our buck, the most bang for our investment when it comes to growth and evolution. You know, working with someone trained to help you uncover the deeper issue that’s keeping you stuck in your decision making.

    The greatest thing you can do is get out of your own head and go work through this with someone who’s trained to help you resolve this deeper internal conflict. It’s deeper than words and habits folks. It really is.

    Let’s schedule a time to talk today about your analysis paralysis, and the internal conflicts inhibiting you and your business from growing.

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