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    It’s true. The relentless pursuit of happiness is a tricky thing. This is because happiness, itself, is fleeting.

    In order to really get to a place of deep satisfaction (not just temporary happiness), we have to be able to go back and reconnect to our spirit. We need to work through all the old places of trauma and wounding that keep us stuck in a place of dissatisfaction.

    If we want to experience this satisfaction, we have to work through these places of suffering, sadness, and hurt. It’s not easy work – and it’s oftentimes uncomfortable – but it’s what is necessary to create lasting impact in our lives.

    In fact, when someone is longing for happiness, it often signals that person is in a place of spiritual impasse. They can’t quite get there, but they also don’t have the internal supports needed to really begin healing the wounds of their past. When those internal supports aren’t in place, they simply won’t be able to ever get to that feeling of satisfaction.

    When we do have enough emotional supports inside, we move towards happiness, satisfaction, and growth. It organically unfolds inside of us, and that’s a beautiful thing!

    I recently sat down with my friend and colleague, Valerie Kolick, to further discuss this idea of Spiritual Bypass or the “Happiness Myth.”

    I think it’s a discuss you’ll really enjoy, so I encourage you to check it out!


    Head to the podcast episode here: ​

    And if you’d like to continue this discussion, join us over in my Facebook group. We dive into ideas just like this one – all centered around healing, growth, and satisfaction. We’d love to see you there!

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