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  • VIP 1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Coaching Program

    VIP 1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Program Package

    What’s the VIP 1:1 Intensive Therapeutic Program Package?

    This intensive therapy program is designed for us to deeply collaborate together in designing and executing on a strategy for your life that clarifies your path forward, while systematically addressing the barriers holding you back in your life and in relationships right now. My approach is about empowering you, helping you educate yourself about yourself, teaching you how to tap into and decode your deepest desires, connecting you with emotional support and guiding you on the steps for taking action to live in the ways that you envision for yourself. Freedom comes from knowing how to get unstuck, on your own. This is for individuals who are ready to deeply transform their lives and learn how to live deeply satisfying lives so that you can fast track success.

    My VIP 1:1 Therapy Package is right for you if you’re ready to:

    • Discover your unique MBTI & Enneagram typologies and how they interact inside of you and in your life
    • Develop greater acceptance of your true self and learn how to connect to your heart
    • Remove fatigue and become more empowered to deal with the stressors in your life and the world around you
    • Discover your hidden innate strengths and resources, while developing your areas for growth and learn how to support what fuels your growth
    • Grow an in-depth understanding of how you work for or against yourself in your life and relationships and how to transform these issues into growth 
    • Discover how to decode the messages life is constantly sending to you about what you need to be satisfied and learn how to support those needs
    • Reconnect on the body, mind, spirit levels as you deepen your connection to your own physical body and soul
    • Deepen your connection to yourself and others and design the life and the relationships that you crave
    • Discover how to connect with the unexpected messengers all around you providing you with opportunities to grow and deeply heal
    • Access your own innate abilities to get “unstuck” in your life and transform that energy into growth
    • Learn about who you really are underneath the “you” that the world has shaped you to be and how to live from this place consistently.

    For more information or to get started, please contact Kate.

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