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    I continue to be humbled by the constant lessons for how to deeply be alive, that come from nature. You don’t have to look too far in nature, to see mirrors and parallels in the outside world, for the process of growing and evolving inside.

    It delights me that still, in mid-life, nature touches me deeply in this way. I am grateful for this.

    One of the examples of nature’s parallel for growth is how some animals and organisms can sustain an injury or wound and grow back stronger for it, regenerate a new body part.

    It’s so astounding!

    Earthworms, star fish… when hurt or wounded, despite losing an appendage or part of their body, they grow it back over time as they heal.

    What a parallel for what emotional healing is like on the inside!

    I heard someone once say, that we get broken open over and over and over again, until one day, we finally decide to stay open.

    What a concept. At first, I had a huge reaction to this, much earlier in my life, when I hadn’t worked all that much on healing my deeper wounds. I thought this was one of the most ridiculous things in the world: “who would deliberately support themselves being impacted over and over like this and think it was not only necessary but a good thing?!?!?


    Now, I understand so much more fully, the deeper meaning behind this. When we are broken open, over and over and over again, and each time grow and heal back stronger, we do become more able to live more open-heartedly in all that we do.

    Difficulty precedes growth, paid leads to rising back again stronger.

    Like a piece of weathered wood, life bumps against us, nicks and scratches you over and over again, creating a new visage of who you are with each passing time of your life.

    Isn’t this wonderful?


    What an idea to consider that your difficulty, your distress, your pain and discomfort are actually sacred parts of your deepening and reconnecting to your heart.
    Amazingly, if an earthworm is cut into two, each cut half becomes a whole again.And one day you’re going to arrive at the place where you stay whole and open-hearted in all that you do, if you can learn how to integrate and grow from your cuts and wounds.

    So, that is what this month’s experiment is all about: honoring your wounds and cuts as the sacred experiences that they are in your emotional healing process.

    For this experiment, here are the steps:

    • Find a quiet space in which you can meditate or focus on some place in your life where you feel “cut in two”. (People, job, hope, dream, etc…)
    • Notice as you’re doing this, how you ‘hold’ this experience inside of you. Do you feel victimized by this person or thing? Do you feel resentful? Do you feel curious? Compassionate? Just notice how you regard this experience inside of you. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to be with this.
    • When you feel ready, you might inhale deeply, imagining that you are drawing in breath from the universe, to this raw and tender place inside of you.
    • Visualize that as you are breathing air / light / energy into this tender place inside of you, that you are infusing this wound with molecules of love, support, safety and compassion.
    • Understand, that this wound is an opportunity for you to break open even more deeply, if and when you decide.
    • Take a moment to continue imagining sending whatever molecules of support this place needs, even if you’re not aware of what that is, imagine that through your intention to honor this place, the universal breath knows exactly what this place needs to feel supported.
    • Take all the time there that you need. As you feel ready to leave this space and this place, imagine setting up some kind of symbol to honor this place inside. And as you feel ready to return to the outside world, begin to do so by first coming back through your body, etc., etc., etc.
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