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    Welcome to my monthly self-care “experiment”. I’m trying something a little new and I hope that over time, you’ll join me in this practice. ​


    Each month, I plan to share with you an exercise that will help you deepen your understanding about places in your life where it’s time to emotionally grow. That is, if you want to.

    The purpose of this practice is to give you an experiential way to build a deeper awareness around places that your aliveness gets stuck inside and needs your deep and loving attention to shift.

    Head’s up though: don’t participate in these if you don’t want to feel something

    This month’s growth experiment focuses on learning how to recognize the synchronous growth opportunities that life is always offering, usually in the most unexpected places.


    Unexpected Messengers

    One of the most wonderful things about life is that our teachers come from the most unexpected places. For many, in order to receive them, there is work that has to be done to cultivate an open heart and willingness to recognize these opportunities for growth..

    What a thought, huh?

    I have an experiment that I’d like for you to try. There’s no “right or wrong” way to live an experiment. The whole purpose of an experiment or challenge is to have an experience and learn something about yourself in the process.


    For this experiment, here are the steps:

    • Find a quiet space in which you can meditate or focus on an issue that keeps seeming to show back up in your life. It might be a difficult relationship, a conflict with a friend, a challenge at work or some difficulty that you cannot seem to outrun.
    • Consider that this difficult experience was actually a messenger for you, it was an experience happening in order for you to learn about an unfinished place in your life. Does this change the way that you feel towards this experience?                      Do you find yourself resisting this step?
    • Now, ask this messenger if it has a message for you about why it’s here? What door into an unfinished place inside of you is it here to open? What does it want you to know about yourself or this experience? (Trust what comes)
    • How will your life be different if you were to move through this threshold and into this unfinished place to learn more about what needs healing?
    • How will your life be affected if you do not move deeper into this doorway?
    • Ask this messenger if there is anything else that it would like for you to know before you go.

    • Wrap up in whatever way feels comfortable to you.

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