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    The core of what all successful business owners and people know is that growth always happens at the end of our comfort zone.

    Growth opportunities often show up in ways that it can feel like you have to go out on a limb a little bit or take a leap of faith. You know, an AFGO?

    (AFGO = Another flippin’ growth opportunity?)

    Well folks, like it or not, trust me, that’s where growth happens.


    It’s not that it can’t happen when you’re doing the same things over and over and over again.

    But when you continue to move forward in life or base decisions and choices in your life upon your old criteria like, “Do I have enough?”, or “How is this going to come back to haunt me?”, or “Is this to help me or hurt me?”…In most of these cases, you’re going to stay stuck.

    I’m not saying that using logic, reason or rationale is bad or wrong.

    I’m simply saying that there needs to be a balance between your left and right brain where (1) you do look at the facts and your bank account, while at the same time (2) you look at the time you have and at the opportunity presenting itself and ask if it is the right time for you.

    The secret is learning how to trust what that little voice inside tells you, whether it’s logical or not. And this is not a brain thing.

    What I’m speaking about is that other part of you, your intuition, your gut. It’s from this place that you’re often going to hear the message first that very, very often you need something different.

    I believe that on the other side of fear is your life. And in the space between you being able to take that next step and stepping into that reality, that folks, is what growth is all about.

    Growth is always going to feel counterintuitive. It’s going to challenge the old ways, which is why it’s going to feel totally counterintuitive.

    Working through the blocks inside that get in the way of you having enough and feeling abundant and successful and prosperous in your life- that’s what all successful people challenge themselves to do.


    What I can tell you is this, if you’re not willing to do your part by taking that chance, that feels right to you, you will continue to stay stuck.

    Even though your brain might be saying something different, then it’s going to be hard for the universe to provide abundance for us because we’re still living from a place of scarcity, a place of lack.

    This is a place where I see people get blocked all the time when it comes to taking the next opportunity to step into the next piece of their lives. Fear is the #1 way these blocks happen.

    Learning how to lean into your fear and unpack it to find out if the fear is real and rational based on present day experiences, or if it’s old fear that keeps you playing small in your life- this is the key to getting beyond survival and into the nitty gritty of living.

    If you don’t ever get to the bottom of that, then the one guarantee I can give you is that you will continue to live from a place of scarcity and lack. You’ll stay stuck. There’s just no getting around it.

    I believe that if you’re trying to determine which path is going to bring you the most growth, go with the one that feels most counterintuitive to you. Which direction feels the most impossible or the most unlikely for you to do, then do that.

    Here’s the secret though: you’re not going to be able to accomplish this on your own. I’ve rarely seen growth like this happen without support from a trusted guide.

    Let’s schedule a time to talk today, to learn how to trust your gut and lean into your fears, whether it be taking the leap and going from employee to owner, transitioning your business to online, or taking a leap of faith in your relationships.

    I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon!

    Here’s To Your Success,

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