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    It’s something we all feel – maybe even a little more than usual with the current pandemic.

    And it’s basically a given that life as a business owner or entrepreneur can lead to a lot of stress. You are fully responsible and so invested in the success of your business, and the weight of it all can weigh heavy on your shoulders at times.


    Well, didn’t we all become business owners or entrepreneurs to enjoy the freedom that comes along with running the show? We have the ability to set our schedules, to call the shots, and we get to work more independently in a way that fits the way we work best.

    So why are we so stressed?!

    The source of stress may not be super easy to pin-point. It’s often the result of a whole slew of things.

    But I’ll tell you this…

    The key to figuring this out is self-reflection.

    Would it benefit you to set better boundaries with yourself and stick to certain “work hours”?  Would outsourcing some of your workload ease your struggle? Do you just need a moment to reflect on how far you and your business have come?


    Stress is inevitable. But a healthy amount of stress is actually good and keeps us productive.

    On the flipside, too much of it is never good for anyone.

    So take some time for yourself today. 

    Dive deeper into why you are feeling stressed. Write a list of what is making your head spin and try to look at those difficulties through a different perspective.

    This inner work and self-reflection is truly the first step in taking action towards a more satisfying (and less stressful!) life.

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