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    In times like these, it’s completely normal and expected for team members to fear uncertainty, which may affect their motivation and personal development at work.

    Now, more than ever, motivation and engagement in your team is absolutely crucial. Each MBTI type responds differently to various forms of motivation from their team leader. For example, an Intuitive-Feeler may feel the most motivated when they receive genuine feedback and appreciation.

    Oftentimes, for these types, having authentic meaning behind tasks is very important.


    On the other hand, you could have a team member that is a Intuitive-Thinker that finds that constant stream of communication (although it is positive and encouraging) a little bit distracting from their work, and they are motivated best by the outcome. These types need to see how their actions directly affect an organization, and their ability to see that change is what drives them.

    Again, the great thing about MBTI type is that there is NO right or wrong answer. No single personality type is better or worse than another, each individual just has their own preferences, which affects how they function in the world. But as leaders, we can use knowledge of MBTI to pinpoint how we can help each individual on our team.


    Motivating your team members also helps progress their personal development, both in and outside of work. No matter what someone’s personality type is, if they are feeling burnt out and unappreciated at work, it’s just a matter of time before they find an opportunity that fits their needs better.

    Once you have figured out your “sweet spot” and know how to motivate your team, your team and organization will only grow and prosper. It’s amazing how having the right people on your team and knowing how to collaborate can really set a business up to be massively successful.

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