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    The Exclusive High Performance Based Coaching Program that is going to identify your strengths, leverage who you are, and translate your ‘type’ into immediate business and life success!

    This is a program where personality tests (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Enneagram System of Personality) determine successful outcomes. We’re going to work closely together to determine your personality traits, strengths, and uniqueness and how you can combine all of them through the use of typing, verification, application, and integration to develop a plan to maximize your life and accelerate results!

    By choosing to invest in yourself and your own growth, you are taking the first, bold step towards acquiring the skills to become a powerful and compassionate leader for whom others will want to work and be around. Not only does coaching develop your own personal growth, it improves the quality of everyone’s efforts and increases the bottom line!




    One tool is going to show us how you survive, you know…how you deal (or don’t deal) with your stress or pain points. The other tool is going to show us how you can thrive in your business and life.

    Enneagram System of Personality Typology: How You Survive & Deal With Stress

    Your Enneagram personality system is a powerful tool that kicks into overdrive when you are facing your pain points. This part of you illustrates how you operate under stress and is a source for understanding how you got stuck where you are in the first place. Knowing your Enneagram type is the key to helping ensure that you don’t stay stuck operating only in survival mode in your business or life, simply reacting to whatever situations throw at you.


    Enneagram testing will help you:

    • Understand how you deal with stressors and how to produce better results

    • Discover how you get stuck in your business and life and what to do about it

    •Efficiently learn how to access your creative vision and innovation

    •Improve your management style and become more flexible and adaptable

    •Make clearer decisions and achieve greater results in your business and life goals


    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

    How You Can Thrive In Your Business & Life
    The MBTI is a psychological tool to discover your preferences and perceptions of the world. This framework helps you learn about your behaviors, why some things come naturally and others do not. This knowledge is what will allow you to thrive in your personal and professional lives.


    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you:

    • Understand your uniqueness and gifts so that you can leverage who you are to maximize your teams and accelerate results

    • Utilize your strengths to your advantage and grow your bottom line

    • Actualize your dreams and goals, strengthening your visionary and leadership skills

    • Grow and maintain positive employee/customer/personal relationships

    •Grow and scale your business and your life dreams, through a more purposeful and achievable career/self-development plan



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