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    Should I push through…or pause…?

    This balancing act is one that many people are constantly attempting to manage in their lives, in all sorts of facets, whether they realize it or not.

    For some people like yourself, it might even be a bit baffling that there would even be a choice here…

    I mean, afterall, if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, how will you ever be successful in life?

    Well, recently, I finished up a year of intense business training, during which I was working day and night on special projects, audience building, content writing and so forth.

    Every free moment was spent pushing to grow my business, return phone calls, manage special projects, lead my team…and all this took place after working full days in the office with clients in my private therapy practice.

    ​And you know what…? At the end of all of this, I needed a break. I started feeling burnt out from the constant driving towards “more” as well as the ongoing pressure inside to produce and create.


    Although I am one for challenging myself to grow, what I am also learning as I grow is that sometimes “less is more”.

    I mean it folks…it really is.

    You know what happens when you continue to push yourself past your internal supports…? You get sick, you get run-down, you lose motivation and sometimes you end up severely burnt out.

    Especially if you’re an Intuitive personality type.

    Intuitives are wired to work in bursts of energy, with down time in between, pursuing what “strikes your fancy” even if it doesn’t seem to connect with what you were doing previously.

    Grinding it out, day after day, over and over might work ok for some tasks and projects, but ultimately what it will do is overstress your system, much like if you were to run a car engine at high speed for an extended amount of time.

    There is great wisdom in learning how to discern between pushing through and pausing to rest.

    ​And most of the time, true discernment is not a cognitive practice. It is not a brain activity.


    True discernment happens when you learn to slow down, turn inward and reconnect with what you want and need, what will make you happy and satisfied.

    And it is impossible to determine this when you’re moving so quickly you barely see anything speeding by.

    Evolvement is a balancing act between growing and resting. Sometimes, choosing to step off the corporate ladder of success is actually the most productive thing you can do for yourself and your business.

    No matter whether you’re a business leader, an entrepreneur, a parent or just someone who strives to live a balanced life, rest and play is an integral part of success as work.

    You know what many people’s biggest regrets are at the end of their lives? It’s not that they didn’t make enough money or have enough “stuff”… it’s that they missed out on all the little moments that make up a life.

    Don’t let that be you. If you struggle to find time to relax and rest, it might be time for you to explore that more deeply.

    I promise you that that dilemma is the very thing that is getting in your way of getting where you want to be in your business or life.

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