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    Taking the time as a manager to learn deeply about your employee’s personality types and what type of work style and environment benefits that individual will not only help them as employees, but also you as a manager and the business you work for.

    And never has this been more true or applicable than now, when so much work is being done remotely and it has become necessary to manage from afar.

    As a manager, entrepreneur, or team leader it is your goal to maximize and accelerate your results.

    The overarching theme of personality types in the work place is about matching the “rite” people with the “rite” tasks and jobs.

    That is why my “Rite Type” Coaching is so effective, it all comes down to understanding what your MBTI actually means and how it can benefit your work and your life.

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    So you know your employees’ personality type… Great! Now what?

    It can be easy to fall into generalizations that you believe to know to be true about certain types. Everyone does it.

    When we use stereotypes or generalizations to understand the world around us, it reflects our limited ability to see beyond the scope of what’s in front of us to truly “what is”.

    And you know what else is true…?

    Often time, many of these generalizations are untrue or even inaccurate if you have not consulted a professional about what exactly someone’s MBTI means.

    These judgments or preconceived notions you have about personality types may actually cause negative effects to your team rather than the positive productivity that can came with understanding your employee’s types.

    You’ll know this is happening if morale is low, people are unhappy and productivity is taking a hit.

    I like to think about “type” like “handed-ness”.

    Most of us are typically dominant in one hand over the other. That doesn’t mean that we don’t ever use the other hand. Quite the opposite.

    This is also true with “type”.

    For example, an Extrovert (E) is not necessarily high-energy all the time. Sometimes they need some peace and quiet. Just not usually as much as an Introvert does.

    And you know what else is true?

    Feelers (F) are able to take criticism without taking it personal or becoming emotional. For a Feeler, it depends on your delivery.

    These and more are some of the frequent ways that MBTI type gets mis-used.

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