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    Whether you are a business owner or not, work life balance is one of the hardest things to achieve and maintain. As we have become more and more technologically advanced, it has become much more difficult to make that separation from work and personal lives.

    What is true is that having more channels of communication is a great thing, and it makes certain things much easier to get done. However, it tends to set up this perception that if we have a phone in our hands, we are “on”.

    Especially since the shift towards working from home, this distinction has become even more blurred.

    It is incredibly convenient to have the luxury of taking your laptop and working from different places, and check notifications when it is convenient for us, but it is a fine line between doing those things for our convenience and having that become the standard.

    Oh, look it’s 4:59pm, and I just got another email! I might as well answer it…then it’s 5:30pm and you’re still writing your reply. Have you ever had this experience?


    It’s amazing that you want to go the extra mile, however, when we start going the extra mile every single time…we begin to set that extra mile as our normal routine, which means we are pressured to always achieve more and more.

    To be clear, being highly motivated and ambitious is a bad thing – not at all! It’s just when it becomes the only option that it starts to become problematic.

    You know, when it becomes nearly impossible to turn it off and put work down. Plus, to do that all the time is just not sustainable long-term not to mention that it takes a tremendous toll on our health and well-being.

    There is always more to be done. Sometimes, bosses can get caught up in this idea that you have to work at 200% 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then, when you are successful, you can take it down a notch.


    Don’t buy into this mentality.

    If you are working yourself to death day in and day out, you will eventually get so burned out that you may just quit your job altogether, and find a less demanding position. However, if you prioritize your work-life balance, you will be happier, and even more productive because you won’t be so stressed out all the time!

    I mean it folks, take some time to reflect on this. Your physical and mental health is so important, especially during stressful times. It can be easy to go into “go, go, go” mode, but it really is better for you in the long run to find a healthy balance.

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