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    Knowing your personality type allows you to know where you need to grow as an entrepreneur.

    If you take “whole-type” out of the equation for the moment and just strictly look at differences between preference pairs when it comes to entrepreneurship, there is an incredible amount of invaluable information that you can learn!!!!

    For example, the preference type pair Judging & Perceiving represents different abilities for business owners.

    Those with a preference for a Judging (J) preference find time management and organization a naturally easy task. Those with a preference for Judging as a way of organizing in the world are methodical and systematic, often developing routine approaches to work.


    In this sense, Judgers are natural managers.

    Perceivers (P) on the other hand often have a “different” way of managing that is not always appreciated in a traditional work environment.

    Perceivers have a preference for being adaptable and often come up with flexible and innovative approaches to work, improvising as needed.  Those with a preference for Perceiving, loooove to start things but might struggle a little bit when it comes time to finish or follow through.

    Perceivers also may find it easier sometimes to pivot when things are working out as planned. Which is definitely an essential skill when it comes to entrepreneurship.

    Judgers are also great at meeting deadlines and following through on important projects. Again, a necessary skill of an entrepreneur.

    Not better, just different.

    Being a small business owner and entrepreneur means that many challenges and obstacles will be thrown at you.

    Knowing who you are and how you tick will allow you to leverage your skills and play to your strengths as well as know when to bring in outside help to fill the gaps where you might lack skills needed to grow or scale your business.

    Everyone has the ability to be successful at entrepreneurship and business ownership. The more you can know about who you are and how you tick, the better able you’ll be to maximize your teams and accelerate your results!!!

    If you’re ready to grow and scale yourself so that your business can follow, let’s talk.

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